I’m a twenty-something graduate student working a restaurant job and living in New York City. You know the type.

I read an article in WIZARD magazine about writing comics when I was twelve or so years old, and I was almost instantly hooked. The “learn more” bit at the end of the article pointed me to the Digital Webbing Forums, which was, I soon discovered, an absolutely thriving hive of raw creativity and intelligent discussion on every aspect of comics creation. Over the next eight years or so, I got a five-star, 100% free comics writing and creating education, from some of the most talented professionals and up-and-comers in the comics game, an experience for which I am and will always be grateful.

Aside from comics, I have dabbled in rapping and music production (for better or for worse, that can all be found here), tattoo design (here; forgive the pseudonym), and play a crap-ton of Xbox like any good twenty-something male should.

As far as my publishing resume, it is a brief one at the moment. But I’ve been re-bitten (if you will) by the bug, and in the past month or so I’ve been itching to make some more comics, so this list will grow, and soon.

Dimestore Productions
Mysterious Visions Anthology #4 (“RUIN”; Fred Duran, Sean Patella-Buckley, Adam Chowles) (2008; out of print)
Mysterious Visions Anthology #13 (“EPIC HEROES!”; Fred Duran, C.A. Haidusek) (2009; out of print?)

APE Entertainment
Skipper Martin’s Bizarre New World Web Anthology (“LIFTOFF TAKEDOWN”; Fred Duran, Dexter Wee, Brian Spicer, Bernie Lee)  (started in 2009; the entirety of the anthology can be previewed here)

IGNITION Vol. 1 Anthology (“BILLY STINGS THE HORNET”; Fred Duran, Garry McLaughlin, Keiren Smith) (2011; available here)

Dark Horse
Once Upon a Time Machine (“A.L.I.C.E., or Alice in Wonderland”; Fred Duran, Dave Proch, Lance Erlick, Rafer Roberts) (2012; available here and here)


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