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I was at NYCC last weekend and had an incredible time. Once again, I was hanging out with the Once Upon a Time Machine guys from Locust Moon Comics in Philly, selling both the Time Machine book and some of their own quarterly mags from their newly-minted Locust Moon Press (great stuff from great people, if you’re ever in Philly check it out), and talking comics. They hinted at a sequel to Once Upon a Time Machine, with a very specific theme, one that intrigued me a lot at the moment (and now), but I had midterms and work to worry about and really didn’t think on it too much. Today, my midterms are over, and I started musing about it again, and it happened. That explosion of ideas that you can barely write fast enough to get all down on paper. I filled up a page and a half in the middle of class, and was just itching to get back home and do some more research (which I’m in the process of doing right now). I have several potential pitches, and I’d like to narrow it down to one with one backup by the end of the month. 

Comics are happening again and it is good.