Between school, work and more work, I haven’t been doing much writing. I recently bought a Kindle and I’ve been reading a ton, which of course isn’t writing, but it is getting my mind back into the game, so to speak. Thinking more like a writer and all that. And in keeping with the whole thinking more like a writer thing, there are several things on my mind at the moment.

The first thing is that although I haven’t written much in a while, what I have written, I’ve liked. I got a short Twilight Zone-esque story into an anthology called Memoirs of the Mysterious, which will be up on Kickstarter soon. It was my first foray into what I’d call more “weird” than “horror,” and I thought it went well. I also wrote an eleven-page swatch of a larger (yet-to-be-told) story, which will be getting ripped to shreds, I’m sure, over at The Proving Grounds on October 25th. And the story I was talking about in my previous post (wow that was almost a year ago?), while I’ve not made much progress, in reading it over, it’s an idea that (in my humble, not-at-all-biased opinion) has some strong legs under it, and is something I can run with. The best part about all these stories and ideas is that they all came basically unbidden and in their (relative) entirety, and I wrote them out, kept what I liked, and edited what I didn’t like until I liked it. After not writing for a while, being able to dive right back in and handle business is a welcome relief. I endeavor not to have to see if I can do that again in the future.

Second, I keep thinking of Short Story Long, and just having it be something I do for myself. While it would have been an incredible endeavor to get a bunch of other writers and artists together to tackle these elongations of short stories, it’s just beyond my abilities to organize (or fund) such a thing, at least at the moment. So the plan is, I’ll seek out such short stories, make them long, script them, and set them aside. Hopefully one day I’ll have either enough clout or money (or both!) to get a different artist to draw each one I’ve written, and get it produced. Hopefully.

Lastly, I keep finding myself just behind the curve, which is maddeningly frustrating. Back in mid 2009 or so, I was writing a story about dream thieves, getting the preliminary stuff down — and then trailers for “Inception” came out. A year or so later, I was doing preliminary research and outlines for a story about a man who had lost his identity and the support of everyone he knew, and was struggling to find it — and then trailers for “Unknown” came out. I was briefly ahead of the curve with Dark Horse’s Once Upon a Time Machine anthology (/shameless plug), as it seems since around 2011/2012, everybody has been re-imagining fairy tales and the like (the “Once Upon a Time” TV series, the newer Sleepy Hollow TV series, etc.). I was going to write a story set in Wonderland after Alice had left, with a scrappy female lead fighting (physically and metaphorically) to disrupt the Queen of Hearts’ evil rule — and then previews for this “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” show came out. It’s frustrating to know that I’m merely steps behind what’s happening. It’s like finding out that everybody is wearing a certain type of pants and buying a ton of them and showing up at school wearing them and now everybody is wearing something else and you look like an idiot. Maybe not quite the same amount of public shame, but the feeling is similar. I want to be ahead of it. I want to set the trend. No pants.

But anyway. I have a midterm to finish and some writing to do. I’ll aim to make this a bit more of a regular update.