I’ve shelved the idea of the Short Story Long anthology for the time being. It’s not a dead idea, just not something that I can do at the moment; the amount of time, people (and of course, money) involved in such an endeavor is currently beyond the scope of my abilities to procure. Besides, with finals rapidly approaching and an almost full-time work schedule, on top of the holidays, I have very little free time (I’m typing this as I get back from a make-up class due to Hurricane Sandy, and afterwards I plan on going straight to bed because I have work early tomorrow morning). At some point in the (hopefully near) future, I will revisit Short Story Long. The (admittedly only two) people to whom I outlined the idea seemed interested, and I can only hope that their interest would be shared by people who can write, draw, and organize such a thing.

I digress.

In July of 2011, Neil Gaiman posted an article on his Twitter about how writing with pen and paper (as opposed to typing on a computer) activated different pathways in the brain, pathways that were more conducive to creativity than the pathways that were activated when typing; in other words, actually physically tracing out the letters in the words did something more than just typing them out (he says, typing feverishly). I found the article interesting, and vowed to try it in the future (and even got a “good luck” from the man himself). The future, as the cliche goes, is now.

On the train to work one morning I saw an ad on the overhead display that somehow instantly gave me an idea for a story (or at least the beginning of an idea). It’s weird, because the ad (which I don’t remember specifically) had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the idea. There was no logical connection. Apples and the color purple, if you will.

But yeah. I started jotting down ideas every now and then in a notebook that I carry all the time (either in my coat pocket or in my backpack), and I realized tonight that this is the story that I will use to test that article. I’m going to write as much of this story as I can (at the very least, the entirety of the plot; I hate scripting longhand, it takes forever and I have awful handwriting) in this (and, I’m sure, subsequent) notebooks, and then every night transfer the day’s writing to the computer (for ease of access during scripting and as a backup).

I’ll be back with updates on plotting and scripting and whatnot as they occur. This will be my first foray into putting my own stuff out there (I’ve been mostly an anthology kinda guy for the past five years or so that I’ve been getting published; not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just wanna spread my wings, as it were). At the end of scripting I will begin looking for artists and make a push for publication. You heard it here first.

Now to transfer what I’ve got to the computer and go to bed.